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What's my mission?

Providing Representation

Growing up, JT didn't see a lot of positive influence, but he knew how important it would be not only for young people, but those who may have come from a similar situation. It would allow people to know they are able to make it out from anything, as long as you push forward and never give up. Let's be clear, seeing someone like you achieve success is the ultimate inspiration.

Empowering the Youth

From school visits to community events, children and their future development is an essential goal of the JT Funk brand. Children are the future innovators and collaborators set to change the world around us as we know it. Among his love for children in the community, JT hopes to start a family of his own in the future.

Building Generational Wealth

Though money is not the exclusive key to happiness, having something you can leave behind for your future family is vital. Building an enterprise that many in the community can benefit from, showcases the importance of financial security. Capital to invest in future dreams and possibilities within the community is a passion of JT.

Connecting with New Partners

Building a brand and being successful in life is great, but why do it alone when you can be successful with others? Collaboration and working with others in the community and industry is essential for JT. He understands the power of relationships, fostering ideas with others, and building everlasting memories with impactful leaders.

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About Me:

Born and raised in the inner city of Trenton, New Jersey, as a young kid, JT witnessed a series of traumatic events (i.e. gang violence, drugs transactions, assault, victimization, recurrent killings, etc.). Upon completing Middle School, the family decided it would be in JT's best interest to relocate to a rural area of Delaware to reduce his exposure to adverse childhood experiences and have a better opportunities for growth/development with starting High School. Throughout High School, JT enrolled in various programs to aid in the blossoming of his innate leadership skills and become a role model within the community.  Upon graduation in 2012, JT enrolled at a local Community College but later found that the college track wasn't for him so he dropped to pursue other career options.  


A year later,  JT's life changed for the better as he embarked on his journey, following his passion, for Professional Wrestling.  JT enrolled in the local wrestling school entitled: “Harro Athletics." Even as a young kid from Trenton, JT had dreamed of becoming a Professional Wrestler and this was his shot! Once enrolled, he was diligent in his training regiment, working extremely hard and never missing a day of training. His trainer, Mark Harro, pushed him to the limit while also playing a pivotal role in his development as a Professional. 


May 2015, JT Funk made his Professional Wrestling Debut in front of nearly 600 screaming fans - Winning the Inaugural 10-man Battle Royal for Autism. From that point on, it was in his blood and the rest was history!  Throughout his career, JT has traveled to nearly 16 different states throughout East Coast & Midwest, perfecting his craft. He’s won numerous awards; including but not limited to, “Superstar Of The Year."  Moreover, he has won multiple Championships and participated in a WWE tryout out in 2019. With his accomplishments and recognition in Professional Wrestling, he continues to utilize his notoriety/fame to give back to the community by mentoring kids, nurturing inexperienced wrestlers, networking, fundraising, etc.


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